Women and Philanthropy at CSU

Your gift to the Women and Philanthropy fund at Colorado State University allows us to bring programming to our community; sparking opportunities to grow, learn and connect with one another. These gifts support our mission to connect and empower a community to elevate women and philanthropy at CSU-and we know, that through philanthropy, we can solve the world’s biggest challenges. 

3 young girls enjoy fabrics during the Fashion FUNdamentals program at CSU

Construction Management Diversity and Recruitment

The Construction Management Diversity and Recruitment fund is used to support diversity and recruitment initiatives in the Construction Management Department. Initiatives include summer programs for traditionally underrepresented and diverse high school students to expose them to Construction Management as both an academic program and career path, hosting high school group visits to spend time learning about Construction Management and ACE careers, and hosting booths or sessions at fairs or career days at high schools to help educate students, teachers, counselors, and parents about CM. This fund also supports the Women in Construction Management Summer institute Program.Through this fund, the CM department hopes to increase the recruitment and retention of quality, diverse students who will become future leaders in the construction industry. 

Fashion FUNdamentals

Fashion FUNdamentals is an innovative science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) enrichment program for middle school girls. It is a free two-week summer program founded upon the premise that adolescent girls’ passion for fashion can be tapped to nurture girls’ skills in the STEM disciplines and to foster their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center serves a three-fold mission of teaching, research, and service. The ECC fund offers quality programming for young children of diverse backgrounds, helps to train CSU students for careers in the field of early childhood, and provide opportunities for research related to children, families, and early childhood education. 

Women walking among cattle

Agricultural Sciences Strategic Initiatives

Gifts to the Agricultural Sciences Strategic Initiatives fund support the strategic initiatives and priorities of the College of Agricultural Sciences and provides critical support for the College’s leadership to respond to emerging opportunities to enhance our efforts and spaces for conducting world-class teaching, research, and outreach. 

Agricultural Sciences Innovation

The Agricultural Sciences Innovation fund supports agricultural innovation activities within the College of Agricultural Sciences which address the pressing needs of society. 

Agricultural Education

Gifts to the Agricultural Education fund are used to maintain top quality programs in all aspects of CSU’s Agricultural Education program. This includes, but is not limited to; funding of essential programs for current or future agricultural education students as well as outreach and training for current agriculture teachers in the state of Colorado. 

Female student stands outside College of Business

Women in Business Association

The Women in Business Association fund supports that activities, projects, and functions including education materials that enable the Women in Business Association at CSU’s College of Business to flourish. This Association allows students to learn more about gender-related topics and the dynamic role of women in today’s business environment. 

College of Business Professional Mentoring

The College of Business Professional Mentoring fund supports the mentoring of current College of Business students by alumni and professionals throughout the community. 

Institute for Entrepreneurship

Gifts to the Institute for Entrepreneurship fund provide support for the Center for Entrepreneurship, at the discretion of the Director of the Center; promoting entrepreneurship issues through; curricular and extracurricular programs for students, outreach programs for business owners, and research of entrepreneurial success factors. 

2 female students on computers

Women in Natural Sciences Program

The mission of Women in Natural Sciences is to promote women in CSU’s College of Natural Sciences though networking, mentoring, and educational opportunities. Our vision is an improved and supportive workplace for all faculty in scientific disciplines that recruits and retains women faculty and educates that next generation of scientists and scholars. 

Janice L. Nerger Undergraduate Scholarship in Natural Sciences

In honor of Dr. Janice L. Nerger, this fund provides scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University. 

Computer Science Inclusion and Excellence Initiatives

This initiative was created to provide sustainable support towards the College of Natural Sciences’ mission to increase the participation of underrepresented students in building computer science careers. This fund may be used for a broad range of initiatives, including expenses associated with participation in professional societies and conferences, creating educational environments that meet the needs of a diverse student community, and scholarship assistance. 

Computer Science BRAID

Colorado State University’s Department of Computer Science is honored to be accepted as a 2019 BRAID (Building, Recruiting and Inclusion for Diversity) Affiliate. Participants implement successful, tested strategies developed at BRAID Beacon Schools – institutions leading the way in gender diversity within their Computer Science Departments. BRAID Affiliates are institutions that have committed to increasing the diversity of their departments, but do not receive funding through the BRAID initiative. Gifts to this fund help to support the efforts to increase the diversity of CSU’s Computer Science Department. 

Little girl pets horse at CSU Vet Teaching Hospital

One Cure

One Cure’s goal is to foster collaboration between scientists and doctors who work with both people and animals to achieve new breakthroughs in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. All gifts to One Cure go directly to the annual clinical trials program at CSU’s Flint Animal Cancer Center. This funding helps to move improved treatments from the laboratory to clinical practices to improve the care of animal and human cancer patients. 

Companion Care

The Companion Care fund supports services for a patient if the pet owners lack the financial means to pay for life-saving treatment, when other forms of assistance are not available. This fund has saved countless lives since its opening in 2000. 

CVMBS Research

The CVMBS Research fund provides support for a wide variety of research projects in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. This support allows our researchers to investigate new ways to fight and prevent disease, make innovative advances in medical technology, and bring new possibilities to research that can improve veterinary medicine as a whole. 

Future Caregivers

The Future Caregivers fund was created by the DVM classes of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 to assist veterinary students with the cost of their own pet’s health care. Veterinary students work for years to be licensed veterinarians, but while they are in school they must rely on outside veterinary assistance, which can be out-of-reach especially for a student on a budget. 

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

2 young women working on an engineering project

Society of Women Engineers Associates

This fund provides support to the CSU chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, a student led organization that strives to help women in the field of engineering form friendships, study groups, and gain experience through interaction with other women in the field of engineering and other sciences. 

Diversity Programs in Engineering Endowment

The Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering’s Diversity Programs in Engineering (DPE) fund is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive and supportive environment for all engineering students. DPE strives to build a strong community that embraces the creative ideas that minority groups contribute to engineering research and projects. The purpose of this fund is to provide support to the diversity programs in the engineering office which include academic excellence, professional development, resources access, leadership and community development and social and educational experiences. 

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship

The Society of Women Engineers Scholarship provides undergraduate scholarships within the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering to students who demonstrate an interest in the Society of Women Engineers student organization. 

Women's hands holding plants and soil

Environmental Learning Center Educational Endowment

The mission of the Colorado State University Environmental Learning Center is to inspire and educate people to connect with and become stewards of our natural world. This is accomplished by facilitating high quality, positive, educational experiences in and about the environment, educating and mentoring future leaders in the fields of environmental education and communication, and bringing the knowledge, skills, and talent within the college to the outside community. 

The Environmental Learning Center programs include a program called: Girls Advancing Science Progress; this is an all-girls after school program for girls in grades 3-5 that aims to increase girls’ interest, confidence, and efficacy in the ecological sciences and the scientific process in general. 

The D.R. and Ginny Pulliam Scholars Program

The D.R. and Ginny Pulliam Scholars Program provides students with an opportunity to learn about and apply skills in environmental education and leadership in a small discussion-based classroom environment while gaining 20-30 hours of field work experience and four academic credits. Field work occurs primarily at the City of Fort Collins’ Bobcat Ridge Natural Area and include direct teaching experience with 5th grade elementary school students. Participants serve as a mentor in CSU’s EnviroMentors program where they work one-on-one with a high school student on an environmentally-related science research project. 

Riordan Family Leadership

The Riordan Family Leadership fund provides a lecture series on integrated natural resource management. This fund promotes national and international leadership in sustainable natural resource management with special emphasis on forests, rangelands, wildlands, watershed and associated wildlife habitats. 

Husband and wife dance instructors on stage caressing

Ann Gill Faculty Development Endowment

The Ann Gill Faculty Development fund provides support for research and professional development of the College of Liberal Arts faculty. 

ACT Human Rights Film Festival

This fund supports the ACT Human Rights Film Festival – the only university-produced, international film festival in the Rocky Mountain west that is dedicated to human rights issues. The ACT Human Rights Film Festival is produced by the Department of Communications Studies and is proudly supported by Women and Philanthropy at Colorado State University. 

Center for Public Deliberation

Dedicated to enhancing local democracy through improved public communication and community problem solving, CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation (CPD) serves as an impartial resource for the northern Colorado community. Deliberation requires safe places for citizens to come together, good and fair information to help structure the conversation, and skilled facilitators to guide the process. CSU students are trained to serve as facilitators and process experts, as well as complete the primary work for the Center. This fund supports the activities, programs and projects of the CPD in the Communication Studies Department.  

University Center for the Arts Endowment

The University Center for the Arts Endowment benefits students, faculty or programs directly associated with the University Center for the Arts. 

Student claps at commencement ceremony

Women and Gender Advocacy Center

The Women and Gender Advocacy Center provides services and programs with women and gender as a focus for the CSU campus. Programs concentrate on examining the intersections of oppression and creating conditions that allow for all people to share safely and equally in the opportunities and resources provided by CSU. These support services are designed to reflect and enhance the unique goals, expectations, and aspirations of the students. Programs and services also assist students in addressing contemporary issues confronting them. 

Fostering Success

The Fostering Success Program started in 2010 when a couple of graduate students and staff recognized a need to support students from independent backgrounds. At that time, the program began providing care packages to the handful of known students on campus who identified as former foster youth. Since then the program has expanded significantly and is currently serving over 200 students from a variety of independent backgrounds. In honor of the program’s founders, Fostering Success still provides care packages but has also expanded to provide guidance and support to independent students starting with the admission process and continuing through to graduation. 

The purpose of the Fostering Success Endowment is to provide programmatic support for the Fostering Success program in the Division of Student Affairs at Colorado State University. 

CSU Women's Association Scholarship

The CSU Women’s Association’s purpose is to provide opportunities for social interaction among women associated with CSU and to support worthy campus and community projects. The scholarship program is their primary philanthropic activity and supports students working to achieve their undergraduate degree. 

Kathryn T. Bohannon Women's Program

The Kathryn T. Bohannon Women’s Program fund was established in 1993 by Mr. David J. Folkes in memory of his wife, Kathryn, who was a graduate student at Colorado State University in the Department of Design and Merchandising and Consumer Sciences in 1991. Kathryn had a committed interest in developing self-esteem in women and this fund support various programs throughout campus that aid in this development. 


female student high jumps

Swimming Discretionary

The Swimming Discretionary fund helps to develop leaders in the pool, the classroom, and our community by enhancing the experience of the young women who compete for CSU women’s swimming and diving. Contributions to this fund directly offset the costs of training, travel and other special program needs which provide a world-class student-athlete experience and promotes championship performance. 

Women's Basketball Discretionary

The Women’s Basketball Discretionary fund helps sustain the level of excellence the CSU Rams women’s basketball program demonstrates year after year. Funds contributed to this program support the costs of travel, training, equipment, and amenities needed to provide a top-flight student-athlete experience for the young women who represent Colorado State University as part of the Rams women’s basketball team. 

Volleyball Discretionary

The Volleyball Discretionary fund enhances the experience of the young women who represent Colorado State University by competing on the Rams women’s volleyball team. Contributions to this fund offset the costs of travel, recruiting, equipment, and other amenities needed to provide a world-class student athlete experience. 

Softball Discretionary

The Softball Discretionary fund enhances the experience of the young women who represent Colorado State University by competing on the Rams women’s softball team. Contributions to this fund offset the costs of travel, recruiting, equipment, and other amenities needed to provide a world-class student athlete experience. 

Women's Tennis Discretionary

The Women’s Tennis Discretionary fund enhances the experience of the young women who represent Colorado State University by competing on the Rams women’s tennis team. Contributions to this fund offset the costs of travel, recruiting, equipment, and other amenities needed to provide a world-class student athlete experience. 

Women's Golf Discretionary

The Women’s Golf Discretionary fund enhances the experience of the young women who represent Colorado State University by competing on the Rams women’s golf team. Contributions to this fund offset the costs of travel, recruiting, equipment, and other amenities needed to provide a world-class student athlete experience. 

Track Discretionary

The Track Discretionary fund strengthens a legacy of championship performance and helps enhance the experience of the student-athlete who represents Colorado State University on the men’s and women’s track and field and cross country teams. Contributions to this fund provide resources needed for the optimum training experience, travel accommodations, and equipment that enable the program’s continued success. 

Women's Soccer Discretionary

Gifts made to the Women’s Soccer Discretionary fund directly support the Rams women’s soccer program and the young women that compete for Colorado State University. Financial support of this discretionary fund is used to enhance the new CSU Soccer Field situated within the athletic village and provide funding for travel, equipment, and the amenities needed to compete at a high level and provide a world-class student-athlete experience. 

Athletic Scholarship

The Athletic Scholarship fund provides resources offsetting the rising cost of athletic student-aid. Your support ensures we provide our student-athletes a world-class experience during their time at CSU and have access to resources that create opportunity for success in competition and in the classroom.